The Realm of the Galaxies:

M-84, M-86, M-87 and NGC 4388, 4422, 4435, 4438, 4468, 4461, 4473 and 4477 (see key at bottom of page)

Here at last is the densest part of the sky as far as galaxies for the six inch scope are concerned. This is indeed the astronomer's dream, for where else are such a wide variety of extragalactic nebulae in such large doses?

First on the list are four galaxies in the same field of view at 70x. M-84 and M-86 are a pair of bright elliptical galaxies with prominent nuclei. NGC-4388 makes an equilateral triangle with the two, looking like a veil of haze -- it is both large and dim. NFC-4422 is the most difficult to spot, being a dim, elongated patch of light without any real nucleus.

Nearby are a close pair of spiral and elliptical, both fairly easy. 4435 is a small bright elliptical, whereas 4438 is a spiral, shaped like an ellipse. Indeed an interesting pair.

Farther on down the line is a dim pair which is difficult to spot: 4461, a dim oval spiral; and 4458, a dim, tiny elliptical. Nearby is a fairly bright elliptical of magnitude 10 (NGC-4473), while completing this line of galaxies is a moderately dim face-on spiral.

M-87 is a famous radio galaxy. Separated from the above galaxies, it is a bright, compact elliptical. And that completes this section of the Virgo Cluster of Galaxies.

M-84 (NGC-4374) elliptical 1.6' x 1.4' +9
NGC-4388 spiral 5' x 1' +11
M-86 (NGC-4406) elliptical 2.4' x 1.4' +10
NGC-4422 spiral 4' x 1' +12
NGC-4435 elliptical 1.3' x .8' +10
NGC-4438 spiral 8' x 3' +11
NGC-4458 elliptical 1' x .8' +11
NGC-4461 spiral 1.6' x .7' +12
NGC-4473 elliptical 1.6' x .9' +10
NGC-4477 spiral 2' x 2' +11
M-87 (NGC-4486) elliptical 1.9' x .8' +9

Coordinates for the Messiers:
M-84 12h 24m +13d 03'
M-86 12h 25m +13d 06'
M-87 12h 29m +13d 33'